LED Outdoor Lighting Comes of Age


LED streetlighting.  An easy way for utilities and communities to save on electrical consumption and $$$’s.

This is the reason that of all LED uses, outdoor lighting took off the fastest.  Many of the luminaires are made in the USA – so federal funding from ARRA (American Relief and Recovery Act) were well spent by many communities on their streetlighting facilities.

Benefits include:

  • Significantly reduced maintenance
  • One for one replacements save roughly half the energy used
  • LED directional light source places the light where it is needed.
  • Wide light distribution provides lower contrast than other light sources, which improves safety.
  • Costs continue to come down as higher efficacy LED sources are developed, and fixture design improves.

Light/Space/Design is currently working with Lebanon, New Hampshire in upgrading its streetlighting and outdoor area lighting.   An open public informational meeting is planned for June 19th.  Contact Lebanon Town Hall for details.