Designing with new light sources, where to start?

A lighting blog for designers and as well as those who enjoy shaping their environment.  Is there room in the blogosphere for such a thing?   Do business and home owners want to know more about lighting beyond the energy savings potential of CFL’s and LED’s?

When I go to retail lighting stores and big box home stores, and even to wholesale lighting distributors, it seems like lots of folks are scratching their heads about what seem to be expensive choices in new lighting sources.   Why is there such a difference in cost from the old standards which may no longer be available.  And where can you even get new products that you may see in magazines but are not available in local stores?

Yes, energy efficiency is important.  Even more important, however, is how lighting allows us to feel and perform as we occupy a space.  How does the color of light affect the mood?  How do lighting controls allow us to adapt our environment to our needs?   Can one make up for a lack of daylight with artificial lighting, and still have a space that feels right?

Its a new world of lighting out there.  Lets make this a great meeting place to talk about it.

DJ -The Lighting Lionness